Cheap Hajj Packages 2019

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Non-Shifting Economy Hajj Package (21 Days )

15 Nights

Economy Hotel

6 Nights

Jawarat ul Rasheed or similar

0203 790 8503
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3 Star Non-Shifting Premium Hajj Package (21 Days)

11 Nights

Afwaj Al-Tawba 11

5 Nights

Fundaq Al-Sham 2

0203 790 8503
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3 Star Economy Hajj Package (14 Days)

5 Nights

Masrat Kingdom No 2 (F/B)

4 Nights

Jahwharat Al Rasheed (FB)

0203 790 8503
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3 Star Hajj 2020 Package

12 Nights

Afandina Hotel

3 Nights

Agrees Al Jiwar

0203 790 8503
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4 Star Non-Shifting Hajj Package (21 Days)

16 Nights


5 Nights

Al Eiman Qebla / Al Eiman Taiba - H/B

0203 790 8503
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4 Star Non Shifting Premium Hajj Packages 2019

7 Nights

Rehana Mawaddah (FB)

7 Nights

Economy Hotel (FB)

0203 790 8503
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4 Star Shifting Hajj Packages 2019 ( 2 Weeks)

6 Nights

Aziziyah apartments in Makkah (FB)

4 Nights

Elaf Al-Taiba Hotel in Madinah (HB)

0203 790 8503
636948213276036086_Non Shifting Hajj  Economy Package.jpg

Non Shifting Hajj Economy Package

15 Nights

Sultana Hotel

5 Nights

Ramada Al Qibla Hotel

0203 790 8503
636948238715308656_Economy Non Shifting Hajj  Package.jpg

Economy Non Shifting Hajj Package

13 Nights

Zawar Al-Mashaer (10 Minutes Drive from Al-Haram)

5 Nights

Ramada Al Qibla Hotel (3 Minutes Walk from Masjid Al-Nabawe)

0203 790 8503
sold out

5 Star Luxury Non-Shifting Hajj Package (21 Days )

15 Nights

Jabal Omar Marriott Hotel, Makkah

6 Nights

Hotel Rehab El Masi--4*

0203 790 8503
sold out

5 Star Shifting Hajj Packages 2019 (14 Days )

5 Nights

Swissotel (HB)

3 Nights

Dar Al Iman Intercontinental (FB)

0203 790 8503

Cheap 5 Star Shifting and Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2019 from UK

Two types of Hajj packages are offered by Hajjumrahtravel.co.uk which are:

Shifting and non-shifting hajj packages with the availability of flight, hotel, qurbani, full transfers and full meals. We provide our clients a total hassle free and budget friendly packages so that they can travel easily and with satisfaction. It is the Fardh that every Muslim once in a lifetime needs to perform so why it should not be gratified? For a travel full of contentment and harmony see our deals today and start booking now.We offer our clients a variety of hajj packages in 2019. For our UK clients we have a list of Hajj Packages available in UK which are very reasonable and help you save big as they are budget friendly. When travel for the Hajj one also dreams to visit those places, which have religious importance so our deals also include the ziarat of historical sites.

Cheap Hajj Packages

Cheap Hajj Packages 2019 are available for our Valuable clients to whom we ensure full care and support.  These packages are the well-designed combination of gratification and memorable journey assurance. Each package has the facility of transport, accommodation and visa. We can also arrange for our clients a tour guide who can guide them throughout the visit.Being one of the most reliable and recognized names for Umrah and Hajj from London to mecca package, in the United Kingdom and famous operators, therefore, we have an extensive variety of Best Hajj offer for the Muslims living in the UK to Saudi Arabia, Makkah and Madinah. Our Hajj deals are wisely created and accurately prearranged to ensure a memorable travel.

Performing Hajj is mandatory for Muslims. Every year about and above 2 million Muslims leave their home for the pilgrimage in the month of Dul al Hajj. Pilgrimage is obligatory for every Muslim as long as one (Muslim) is healthy and fit.  Muslims from the world travel to Saudi Arabia to not only perform the hajj but to revive their faith. It is the belief that Allah Almighty forgives the sins of a lifetime once their hajj is accepted.  Once Hazrat Umar RA said, “Whoever has health and enough wealth that can bring him for Hajj and still does not go for Hajj and dies without performing it then the word Kaafir shall be written on it on the day of judgement”

We also offer our clients with a tour guide who take you to visit historical and religiously important places like Jabal-al-Noor; Mountain of Light, Hira cave and many more.

3-Star Best Hajj Package 2019

  • Economy Hajj Package 2019

Details: visa, hotel and flight included. Flight from UK to Jeddah and Medina to UK through Egypt Air- MS.

Makkah ------- Afwaj Al Tawba----- 7 Nights

Medinah ------- Fundaq Al Sham 2 Hotel ------- 8 Nights

4-Star Best Hajj Package 2019

  • Deluxe Hajj Package 2019

Details: visa, hotel and flight included. Flight from UK to Jeddah through Saudi Arabian SV.

Makkah ------- Burj Ul Sultan Hotel----- 11 Nights

Medinah ------- Al Mukhtara International Hotel ------- 3 Nights

5-Star Best Hajj Package 2019

Details: visa, hotel and flight included. Flight from UK to Jeddah through Saudi Arabian SV.

Makkah ------- Swissotel Makkah Hotel----- 10 Nights

Medinah ------- Anwar Al Madina Movenpick Hotel ------- 3 Nights

Premium Hajj Package 2019

Details: visa, hotel and flight included. Flight from UK to Jeddah through Saudi Arabian SV.

Makkah ------- Burj Ul Sultan Hotel----- 11 Nights

Medinah ------- Al Mukhtara International Hotel ------- 3 Nights

These are the packages that we offer to our clients. We want our clients to savior the delightful and serene experience of Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba, other rituals of Arafat and the last sacrifice or Qurbani at Mina.

With these deals it has become much easier to choose the right package for you and save money accordingly. Every client wants complete comfort so that is why we are here to fulfill whatever your dreams and conditions are. Start booking now as soon as possible. We assure you to provide tension free travel with all the facilities that we can give you and your family.

The prices of the offered deals are for a group of four people.


  • Flight by Saudi Airline.
  • Acquisition of necessary Hajj visa.
  • Hajj draft.
  • 2 Star hotel in Makkah.
  • 4 Star hotel in Medina.
  • Full board (breakfast, Lunch and dinner) whilst in hotel in Makkah & Medina.
  • Transportation includes air-conditioned buses by the Saudi Arabian authorities
  • Religious guide.
  • Educational program throughout tour.
  • Available tents in Mina and Arafat
  • Qurbani (per person).
  • Laundry includes.
  • Ihram for gents & Hijab for Ladies
  • Free Umrah guide book & miscellaneous items

Package Requirements

1. Passport must be valid for at least 7 months from traveling date.
2. Meningitis certificate (ACWY)
3. 4 passport size photos
4. 1000 (nonrefundable) deposit per person on your booking