Useful Advices for Sacred Pilgrimage Umrah

19 Jul 2019

Minor or major pilgrimage got their own importance in religion Islam and a person can earn great blessing by performing both pilgrimages although, Hajj is the obligatory pilgrimage and contains more ritual and rites than Umrah. The most important task for a pilgrim in both major and minor pilgrimage is to understand that we are in this world for limited time and we all have to prepare ourselves for the world hereafter this by doing most virtuous and valuable deeds. We should abstain meticulously from all wrongdoing and wasting our precious time in finding mistakes deficiencies in other peoples, we should focus to improve ourselves. When we are in the state of Ihram it shows the level purity of our character, sensitivity of our hearts and the deepness of spirituality.

Muslims must avoid indulging in unnecessary activities and talks and should not look down and feel envy, hatred towards their sisters and brothers in religion Islam; we should make our heart clean and pure of all the hatred and envy. What is in the core of individual is obscure to other human however without a doubt known by ALLAH Almighty.

Some advice to the travelers of sacred pilgrimage to Holy city Makkah are: always try to maintain reverence and be busy in performing the acts of worships rather than involving in worldly activities. Do not waste your precious time in doing useless things as no one known that this time will come again or not. Attempt to profit yourself most extreme from the otherworldliness of those consecrated spots. Of course, this is a fact that by the time person intends to go for pilgrimage his or her spirituality improves unknowingly. Those people who do good deeds and spend their most of times in virtuous and righteous activities and give charity are usually among those who repeatedly go on sacred pilgrimage. By methods for religious and profound signs of hallowed journey of Hajj and Umrah, an individual will improve the traits of consideration, liberality, leniency, aiding and empathy. Such kind of people’s heart and hands will be opened; and they happily and willingly give charity to all those people who are in need of help, by giving charity and helping others in their need a person earns great blessings of ALLAH Almighty.

When you are there for performing major or minor pilgrimage try be calm, tolerant and patient because this will be your test there to control your anger and temperament as much as possible. You will be going to meet different kind of people there, there will be many situation comes that will test your patience; be relax and calm and do not lose your temper.

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