Few Advises for Pilgrims

20 Sep 2019

The pilgrim will be subject to uneven, sometimes dangerous physical and outer constraints particularly older people. It is about a tough experience. Doctors have to be familiar with its constraints and measures so as to pass on, the best possible, their messages of warning to the pilgrims who travel to city Makkah every year.

Before leaving for Umrah and Hajj, visit your regular or family doctor and explain to him or her conditions of your pilgrimage. He or She can well recommend you how to take care of yourself and keep away from possible complications. Warn and inform your head of group if you are affected by various diseases, an allergy or a handicap.
Be cautious of medicine causing drowsiness, because if you’re going out, you could fall down. Talk about it with your doctor. Learn the names of your medicine, or note down the list and hand a copy to the doctor of the group.

Beware you who have complaint of blood pressure. Certain anti-flu medicines like nose clearing inhalers increase heart strike; inform your doctor about it. Those who are suffering from diabetes do not have to discontinue eating during daytime, and under pretext of having done exercise during the whole day, eat a full salad bowl of fruit in the evening. Doing so will only make their pace of sugar rise at once. Take 4 or 5 small meals a day and consult your doctor.

Those who take medicines for diabetes, it is suggested not to have a nap in the afternoon, to pay more attention to wounds, to confirm for bleeding when being trampled, and to pay a lot attention to the sun – no doubt your most horrible enemy during your pilgrimage. Think of covering your head whenever possible.

Precautions That Are To Be Taken During Hajj And Umrah

In Madina, avoid visiting Rawdha during daytime. The finest time to go is in the evening from 9:00 pm to midnight. In Makkah, leave to the masjid a few hours before the prayers (namaz) time so as to locate a convenient spot. Pay special attention to the traumatic risks (shoving).

Near Holy Kaaba, a hospital offers free care and medicines. An office of the French Foreign Ministry opens every year, usually in jeddah, to arrange for the French pilgrims.

Pilgrims are completely prohibited from cutting their nails, making any movement at risk to cause bleeding whatever small or huge. Hence, for example, any dental treatment is prohibited, it’s better to consult your dentist in advance before leaving for umrah and hajj. Personal measures for protection and defence against insect bites are highly suggested. Hence is a cream against fungus, if you have a sensitive kind of skin. Etc.

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