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16 Jul 2019

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Cheap Umrah Packages For 2019


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There are two pilgrimages which are considered as religious and spiritual journey to Holy city Makkah, among these two pilgrimages one is obligatory and other one is non-obligatory. Hajj is the pillar of religion Islam and this is an obligatory pilgrimage and every physically and mentally able Muslims should perform once in their lifetime. Every Muslim who financially sound, mentally sane and should undertake the sacred pilgrimage. Every Muslim is advised to visit Makkah for the performance of Umrah and Hajj. Hajj is although obligatory to perform for the whole Muslim Ummah, but this command has great flexibility for its followers in it, as it those people who are completely disabled either economically or bodily.


Umrah is non Obligatory pilgrimage


 Umrah is non obligatory pilgrimage which is also known as minor or lesser pilgrimage; it is performed by every sane, financially able and physically fit Muslims at any time throughout their life. People from all around the globe visit Makkah by taking Umrah affordable packages offered by different travel agencies for fulfilling their dreams. These Umrah Packages facilitate and serve them all the arrangements and facilities which are essential for their sacred tour.


Muslim when reach there feel so blessed and they are advised to perform all the rituals and rituals of the minor pilgrimage with extreme respect, love, kindness, patience, reverence, and submit themselves to the ALLAH Almighty, in a dignified and humble way and follows the way of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The great sacred journey of performing minor pilgrimage must be performed with complete dedication and keep the remembrance of ALLAH Almighty (zikr) all the time.


When a Muslim is in Makkah and get the blessed opportunity of performing pilgrimage then he or she should perform more and more acts of worships and pray to ALLAH Almighty, ask forgiveness for all the sins which are committed by you in past, that is the time for supplication, avail it as no one knows that whether he going to get this chance in his life again or not. Pilgrims wears the Ihram, so they are in the sacred state, from the moment they enter into the Ihram they are advised to stay away from all the prohibited acts and follow the conditions of Ihram.


The Umrah is a blessed time so avoid wasting your precious time talking vain or idle or indulging in any useless activities. It is the blessed period of devotion Muslims should increase their good deeds and effort a lot to get the closer to ALLAH Almighty and get uncountable blessing and mercy of ALLAH Almighty.


The pilgrim must behave well with others and treat in good way by guiding and helping other pilgrims when you found them in any kind of needed. 



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