Advice and Recommendations Regarding Umrah From UK

23 Jul 2019

In this article we are going to share you few recommendations and suggestions that will help you in performing umrah

    1. While in city Makkah and Madina, spend as much time as possible in doing Worship (Ibadaat). Each demonstration of love (ibadah) and great deeds including giving philanthropy, helping other people and so forth, conveys numerous prizes. There are many distractions spots are there such as shopping malls, jewellery shops and luxury hotels surrounding the holy mosques, though we need to stay away from these distractions and spend as much time inside the holy mosques and worshipping as possible.

    2. Always keep in mind to observe complete adab (etiquettes) while staying in city Makkah and Madina, Every inch of these holy cities is blessed and we should remember that our behavior should always reflect this.

    3. Before leaving for Umrah, to pack lots of ‘patience’ along with the other necessities. This may have been the most noteworthy exhortation, the favored mosques and most locales of ziyaraat will be extremely occupied and in this manner some pushing and pushing will emerge. Please try to be patient and observe the adab of the sacred places. Brothers and sisters from all over the globe are gathered together and with so many different barriers of language, culture etc there is a need to be patient shown towards each other. We ought not overlook where we are and the thought process in us being there.  (While performing tawaaf, please do not push other pilgrims for the sake of reaching the ‘black stone’ (Hajr-e-Aswad), as this could invalidate your Umrah. We have to observe the sanctuary of the Holy Kaaba.

    4. Many pilgrims complain about the behavior of the Arab people specially the guards at the Sacred Mosques; though we should remember they have a difficult responsibility to do and hence their behavior may seem extreme at times. Please keep in mind this and forgive them if they behave badly and rudely towards you and love them for the sake of ALLAH Almighty and His beloved Messenger Prophet (PBUH).

    5. Please be grateful for every moment, every second ALLAH Almighty granted you in the Most sacred cities on earth. We should not complain if we are mistreated by anyone or the hotels are not according to our standard but we greatly praise everything in Makkah and Madina and love these sacred cities.

    6. Need to perform namaz in the open at the airport so bring a prayer matt.

    7. According to Islam you must clear all your liabilities and pay off all your dues before the religious voyage.

Follow all the recommendations and suggestions discussed above, it will help you in performing umrah. The first time you try you will be anxious and in awe of the entire situation for your heart to appreciate everything.

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