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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are concerned about getting the solutions you are looking for? Doesn?t matter whether it?s Yes or No, but what we are providing you here with most frequently asked questions or concerns. Whether you have booked a cheap flight, signed up for last minute booking, seeing off a companion, taking along your pet or if you are worried about the baggage allowances, to facilitate you what we have here are the response for all the possible questions you may ask. We will inform you about all the major airlines information plus guide you on how you can get cheap flights from Uk. So if you are here it means that all you have to do is find your question and get answered or just keep scrolling and check out all the answers and question for additional information.

What is the reason that my "Direct Flight" makes a stopover on its way?

There is slight misunderstanding that ?DIRECT FLIGHT" does not mean a "Non-stop" journey. But, a "Direct Flight" means that there will not be any need to get out of the aircraft to the most, it might be that the stopover is refuelling. Mostly the Landing is usually for refuelling that is known as Floor Elapse as in the case of a "NON STOP" journey in which there is no need to, change the aircraft or even stop for fuelling.

How we are able to provide you with bargains for family and worldwide flights?

Hajj Umrah Travel has the major airlines consoles with us, which means that we can provide our customers the best possible deals, additionally you can find excellent take a trip promotion. Or you can contact our customer support to get assistance, further we can help you customize a holiday bundle to meet your needs by spending less.

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What difference between Charter and Scheduled flights?

Charter flight: is not offered by a commercial airline, but it is a plane that is available for rent by a vacation company or individual. This is a unique assistance and may work only on unique activities, such as domestic vacation (in that particular country), or else in under extreme conditions where commercial airlines can?t reach, etc. seats on a Chartered Journey are traded as part of Holiday bundle. This type of assistance is mostly feasible business Tourists. These routes usually have more cost, but small luggage allowance; often require individual payment for on-board foods and drinks. Also, some companies may sell "seats only" at a chartered flight with no rooms or floor agreements.

Scheduled flight: is the service offered under the name of a commercial airline. Therefore it is controlled and promoted by the same commercial airline mostly with the assistance of its consolidators or travel agencies associated with them. Such routes can be twice a day or even a specific day at particular times of the week time as per airlines given schedule. These routes work nearly throughout the season.

What is an e-ticket and what are its advantages?

The letter "E" in an "e-ticket" stands for "electronic ticket". As the name indicates, it is a digital or computerized ticket that is sent through contact, fax or other programs. The E-ticket all the desired information on it, after you have taken the print of it, this ticket is given to the commercial airline at their airport where it is checked for the details it entails and by this they are able to track all the details about the commercial airline requires from the passenger.

In overall look, e-ticket looks like a newspaper admission, best advantage of this type of ticket is that you can have multiple copies of it, even doesn?t matter that it is dropped or lost, you can publish it again, any moment you like. Worldwide Air Carry Connections significantly prefers e-ticketing program and all top-notch worldwide commercial airline concern e-tickets only.

What to do if my E-ticket is missing or lost?

If the e-ticket is missing in sense of any details or you have lost it, in that case all you have to do is contact the counter of that airline and just tell them your name and they can email you the e-ticket again that you can print and use for journey else you can contact the organization from which you have purchased the e-ticket.

What does Start Jaw vacation appear for?

An Open-Jaw trip means that you are flying from flight terminal A to B, where as you can come again from flight terminal C again to A. This means that you don?t have to use the same terminal for coming again.

Another example is routes to Harare from Manchester and on its return passenger elected the comeback route Manchester to Gauteng. In this example, the visitor has not taken his return route from Harare; instead he took off from Gauteng. Hence, if you have plans to take a cruise or journey to another destination, after introduction you can always fly again from another country or city without reduction, if you have an Open-Jaw ticket reserved.

What are Journey Taxes? Why Should I pay them?

The flight ticket involves two primary parts: basic fare and taxes. These taxes are imposed by airlines so the customers had to pay them. You can as for a Fare Breakdown, in situation you are thinking about how much the Primary fare is, and what the taxation are on your ticket. Usually, when a cost is offered by a take a trip agency, it contains taxation. Though, it is always excellent to ask, if the fare is "Inclusive" or "exclusive".

What is the basic difference between all inclusive fare and Exclusive fare?

Exclusive Fare: this fare does not include any kind of taxes or in other words it is also called base fare. Once you will create booking you will be then told about the taxes you would have to pay on the base fare. You should ensure that the cost you are paying should include all the taxes in the amount. And it should not include any hidden costs. Inclusive Fare: this in also some times referred to as all inclusive fare, this cost includes all the taxes and other charges if any that customer has to pay. Here is a little piece of advice that, please notice in the travel world the phrase "Exclusive" does not mean any "Special" price so you should not get confused and get this word as special price, but you should keep in mind that you will be subjected to taxes.

Holiday Packages

A Vacation Package: This is a complete package that a customer buys from any company as a whole in which he book for all the things that he may use like accommodation, car rental or any other type of services that one may use during his journey.

What does Floor Elapse/Touch Down means?

Ground Elapse / Touching Down: These terms usually means that if your flight is "DIRECT FLIGHT" and not particularly "NON-STOP FLIGHT", then there could be a possible stopover but that will not be too long, as it can be for fuelling or any other important issue. And flight will take off soon.

Are there any additional charges for making reservation online or over the phone?

No, there is no extra 'reservation fee' for making your reservation for a ticket via internet or phone. The visitor has to pay the journey fare and airport taxes only. On the other hand for any special service, third party card, journey insurance or IATA insurance may cause you additional charges. Please do inquire about any special services request before hand while mak?ing a reservation.

If I reserve well ahead of time do I have to pay all the charges at that time

No it?s not necessary that you make the complete settlement however you can reserve the seat with just 50 GBP, but please be aware that if you do not pay complete charges before time, airline has the right to cancel your reservation any time. To elaborate further your booking will be safe for let say few hours before the flights take of time or it can vary depending on the airline policy so it is advised that you should contact the customer support for further information about this.

What if the spellings of my name are incorrect on the ticket?

You should ensure that spellings should be correct on the ticket with all the details like any given name sur name etc else it would be impossible to travel.

How to ensure that my ticket has been reserved and if the booking is valid?

There are two types of things first your seat has been reserved with some advance payment but you have not paid the full money. Other is you have made the full payment. If you had made the partial payment but not the complete payment it means that your seat has been set aside on the airline console. But still you had to make the fully payment before time to guarantee your booking. In this case a confirmation email is sent on your given email of booking confirmation. If you had made the complete payment, you will receive an e-ticket on your email with all the details about the flight schedule and all other important information.

What should I do after my ticket has been booked and emailed to me?

Once you have got the e-ticket take the print of it and take along with you on the airport as you have to show it on the check in counter, but it is best to reconfirm the status of your ticket 48 to 72 hours prior to flying so that if there is any change in the schedule or any other change you don?t have to face any kind of hassle at 11th hour.

Can my friend pay the ticket expense for my journey from his card? If so what is the process?

Yes your friend can pay your journey expense but there is a process that he should have to follow that is provide a scanned copy of his card, with Authorization Letter in email that clearly indicates the amount to be charged for the journey besides this, card holders signature and card number should be clearly visible. This is done In order to control the not authorized use of lost and taken cards; these requirements will ensure that everything has been done with the consent of card holder and he is the owner of that card. Besides above cited requirements there are few more requirements and that are that card owner should provide with "Authorization Code" of the purchase as well, this can be taken by the financial issuing authority. Else verifiable bank report should be provided. And in the case of any discrepancy organization will not be liable to entertain any further.

How group Reservation is made and is there a special fare for Groups reservation?

If you are making groups reservation it is advised and even better that it is made well ahead in advance of the time for flight, as there are some airlines policy that they don?t allow to make reservation for over 6 people at a time in the form of group. If the group is big it is better to email the name and passport number of all the passengers in the group.

How it is possible that on same date and time passengers travelling in same cabin has a fare difference?

It is not essential that same time travellers travelling in same cabin will have the same rate, as there are some promotional seats as compared to others so they may be cheap as compared to others. Like X (20) would be cheaper than Y (20), as seats are served on first come first served bases.

Up to what extent this is true that last minute booking is cheap?

In simple words last minute reservation is a great risk to take especially if you are travelling in the peak season it is possible that you may even don?t get the ticket or if you get it can be very costly. So it is always preferred to make advance booking especially if you don?t want to miss the flight.

What does infant need a ticket or seat?

Yes, babies of two years or less does require a ticket, but if you do require a seat for the baby then you have to pay the child fare that is around 70% of adult fare+ taxes. But if you prefer to carry the baby in your lap then you have to pay the infant fare which is around 10% of adults + taxes. Yes, babies (below 24 several weeks old) need to be reserved a journey admission. This admission should be reserved from your broker if you need a SEAT for your child. In that situation, you will have to pay a kid work out. This work out can be more/less than 70% of mature work out + taxation. However, if you do not need a seat for the child and will want to have her/him in your temps, you may pay child work out (around more/less 10% of mature work out + taxes) either at the journey terminal or at plenty of duration of booking.